Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Coaching is Teaching at it's Best." This is an old Bo Schembechler slogan! If you're having trouble getting something across to your players approach teaching from all angles:

1ST VIDEO- Make sure they've seen video of themselves doing a task (yes we do that! - check out our videos on you tube For example do you take video in the weightroom? Squatting, Cardio, Etc.

2ND VISUAL-Make sure you check what they are watching when they are doing their task! A lot of players (young particularly) watch too many things and see nothing. Be specific in their visual sequence, what to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd. This also will speed them up because they will anticipate what each step will show. For example:watch contraction of the thigh inner-outer-etc.

3RD FEEL- This is extremely important. Make them go through it in slow motion forward and backwards plus backwards and forwards. For example, on the Hammer Strength Jammer, have the player start from a coiled position and then go to full extension. Then, start a full extension and go to starting position , going slowly both ways.