Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back to the Future - Neck Training!

What has been the biggest clinic topic of the last year and a half? The Importance of Neck Training!

Types of training used most today

1. Manual neck training with partner or coach

2. Neck Machines - Most common neck machines - Nautilus, Hammer, Pendulum, Power Lift seated and ground based

3. Plate loading neck work

4. Band resistance

NOTE -How many muscular 20 inch plus necks and great upper traps do you see today at any level??

Think of the players of yesterday - Butkus, Nobis - They had great necks!

Types of training done yesterday

1. Neck Harness

2. Neck Bridging

NOTE: Ever see a wrestler with no neck or traps?

Tips to go with my latest instructional video on Neck Harness Training (shown above)

1. Start with a good leather neck harness- Best to be able to adjust it so multiple athletes using it can have their own towel over their head and then the harness.

2. Weight resistance - minimal resistance, maximum reps. Start with light weight and high reps (25 or better)! Note - work up to 50 at least before raising weight.

3. Exercises to concentrate on:

A.Up Right Scapulas back - chin chest to ceiling - middle -right - left -fatigues - finish off with the first 10 degrees of chin movement

B. Athletic - i.e. football position - proceed to repeat the above process!


1. Scapulas re-tracked in all positions

2. Chin only is moving. If the body is moving you have too much weight /no ballistics

3. When you can not do any more reps full range - do another 3 to 5 moving the chin as much as possible.

4. Search for muscle involvement from

A. Head & Neck - Muscles

B. Traps- Upper & Lower

C. Back - Lats - Rhomboids - Erectors

D. Glutes & Hams