Sunday, August 26, 2012

Coach what TO do, not what NOT to do!

Coaching points - " Learning is what you do after you think you know everything" John Wooden UCLA
I was listening to a Coach on a recent TV Pre-Season Preview  and heard "Don't do this, and shortly after,  Don't do That!"
1. Coaching is teaching at it's Best! Leave the negative reinforcement to others!
2. Coach what TO do, not what NOT to do. Great coaches use positive imagery to create positive memory connections!
Examples - make the play - get your mind right!
3. Coach with content.  Be specific as to what part of the fundamental the player is not getting.
Examples - Face up, move the right foot 6 inches, or eyes on the ball and look it in to the tuckaway!

Note: Figure out what to say to make each athlete perform in the fray!



Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stop Stagnant Workouts!

Key Foundations of  dealing with stagnant workouts

1. Stop the whip workouts! 
    Start by reducing weight and increasing reps
    Use the weight, do not let the weights use you!

2. Stop bad posture!

      Start to restore posture
      to increase power 
      to increase integration 
      to increase performance!

3. Stop the anterior chain
    only workouts!
      Start - Posterior chain work        
      is the heart of efficient athletic    
      movement . 
      Posterior only workouts! 
      Head,Neck, Traps,  Rhomboids, Rear 
      Delts, Erectors, Glutes, Hams        
      & Calves 

4. Stop the limited movement!
      Start - total body movements ie  
      Ground base work mentality
      Total integration = power

5. Stop wasting time!
      Start moving all the time 
      No waiting in line -
      Keep moving the whole time!
      No time to waste if we want to 
      be great!