Friday, November 9, 2012

Protect against MRSA

MRSA - The Silent Killer
 I have attached some e-mail articles for you regarding this 'superbug'.   These articles give you some idea of the extent that this and staph infections can be of serious consequences.  I hope you will read these and make your athletes and students aware of the related information so they are able to protect themselves from this potential killer.  MRSA is all to often not talked about as a problem, because of the fear factor.   Make your students, athletes and parents aware of the signs and symptoms.  This can go to a full blown issue within hours.  Education is the key!

Professional Sports Prepare Game Plans for MRSA Superbug - bleacherreport 2/21/10
MRSA has sidelined careers, even caused death - ESPN 3/16/2007
The Deadly Bug Stalking Athletes, Men's Journal - 4/17/2009
'Superbug' MRSA Worries Doctors, Athletes - ABC 1/13/2005
Symptoms of MRSA Infection & Symptoms of Staph - Staph Infection Resources
Staph and Community Acquired MRSA Infections In Athletes - 10/29/2008
Prevention Information & Advice for Athletes - Center for Disease Control
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