Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teaching/Learning Principles from Bo Schembechler

Notes/Tips from Coach Bill Jacobs
Visual - Dominate with Fundamentals

1. Do you Maximize VISUAL LEARNING ??? The number one thing to check out about your practice plan is proper use of visual learning.

2. Do you video team, group, ,INDIVIDUAL, drills everyday????

3 . Do you train your players on how to watch a game/practice film?

4. Do you video the weight room? Do the players watch and grade themselves?

5. Do you have the players grade themselves on practice?

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  1. YES! Good verbal communication is a MUST. Sometimes it is important to slow down and go over some things in more detail. Especially NEW information. Then allow feedback to make sure the person really understands. Let them teach you. Then you will really know if you have gotten thru.