Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Build Muscle through Food Discipline!

What is the best product to gain muscle? – Gary S.

Great question, Gary. The simple answer is not a product, but FOOD DISCIPLINE in addition to your workouts is the best way to gain muscle. To do the following is hard, but will give you results!

1st Step – Count your calories for a couple of normal days. Most drugstores have inexpensive calorie counting books, or there is a free app on the Iphone that does it too.

2nd Step – Count your meals. To maintain a healthy metabolism it is recommended to have 5-6 small, yet balanced meals per day

3rd Step - Evaluate your diet, making sure that each meal is balanced (carbs, protein, etc.) Your body needs balanced intake to get the most out of the fuel that you take in. (Dr Sears Book on the Zone Diet is excellent)

4th Step - Tweak your diet. Carbo load earlier in the day, focus on proteins later in the day.

Food is inexpensive and tasty compared to all of the supplements that are out there. Note the key word is supplement (replacing missing nutrients in our diet)

Eat right and you will achieve the results you’re after!

I hope these tips help. Let me know if you have further questions and how you’re doing!


Coach Bill Jacobs

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