Friday, October 15, 2010

Training the Traps & Biceps using Jump Stretch Bands

TRAPS AND BICEPS-key coaching points to be used with my TRAP AND BICEP VIDEO!(click to watch)

1. AREAS you should target - If you don't feel the muscles, you can't grow them!


B. Biceps

C. All other muscles should be activated at one time or another as you change positions and movements. This is Ground Base Training at its best!

2. ACTIONS - NOTE POWER OF CONTRACTION SHOULD BE MAXIMAL regardless of the size band you are using.

A. TRAP SHRUGS 1.ELBOWS BACK and beyond the sides. Pull them to the ears/ Keep Traps Re-Tracked/ Bicep Curl!

B. TRAP SHRUGS 2.ELBOWS AT THE SIDE /Bicep Curl and Shrug / Bring the Medial Delts to the ears

C. BICEP CURL ONLY 3./ELBOWS REST ON THE RIBS /Bicep Curl your hands to your ears /Rotate the thumb out and the little finger in


A. Rotate Right or Left and hold that position and repeat the above movements

B. Rotated Right and Left repeating the above actions

C. Thumb Position - Keep Changing - Thumbs up - Thumbs facing Palm Down - Thumbs out- Rotate thumbs through all three positions

D . Alternate BICEPS -Curling Right then Left


A.. Pressure through the inside of your heels as much as possible !

B.. Keep your Scapulas re-tracked and you will feel all the muscles in the body/ Power Center/ Ground Base!

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